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Gillian Voice
Gillian Smith appearing on the voice
Gillian Smith appearing on the Voice! Vocal Pro Studios is thrilled to announce Country Singer Gillian Smith appearing on The Voice.   In July 2021, Gillian released her debut single titled “Guess...
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The Best 3 Acoustic Guitars for Beginners
Epiphone DR-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Dynamics Tone for a Low-cost Acoustic  The square-shoulder Gibson dreadnought is among the most desirable acoustic guitars for beginners. Epiphone’s DR-100,...
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Singers! How to Use the Breath to Sing Our Best
How do we do it? Where do we begin? I understand that there is an arena of topics to be covered in the art of singing, like placing the voice, attack, and registers. But without proper breathing skills,...
the Best Travel Humidifiers for Singers
Why must a singer own a humidifier? Humidity is essential for singers. Without it, their voices would become hoarse and strained, and they would have a much harder time performing. Many singers even...