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Matt Bowman
Matt Bowman Dying to Live Song Release
Vocal Pro Studios is thrilled to announce the release of Matt Bowman’s latest single, “Dying to Live.” The song is not just any ordinary composition but a tribute to Matt’s father,...
Angel Chrisztina (NY Recording Artist)
Angel Chrisztina Performing at Amateur Night at the Apollo
Angel Chrisztina is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter from Queens, NYC. Over the last nine years, she has continued her studies with Tami and Daniel Orama of Vocal Pro Studios. She recently graduated from...
alivia song release
Alivia Sarah New Song Release Unconditional Love
Vocal Pro Studios is pleased to announce the new song release “Unconditional Love” by Alivia Sarah and Judah Zadok. Click HERE to stream now. Alivia Sarah is a singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist,...
Gillian Voice
Gillian Smith appearing on the voice
Gillian Smith appearing on the Voice! Vocal Pro Studios is thrilled to announce Country Singer Gillian Smith appearing on The Voice.   In July 2021, Gillian released her debut single titled “Guess...
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