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The Best Musical MEMORY in the World
Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim After one of our shows, at the Davenport Theatre, I met a married couple who shared careers as professional opera singers. In our conversation, I found out the gentleman went...
Choir Singers
The Best Technique for Singing Choral Music
The first point revealed in VOCES8’s singing is the feigned voice “La voce finte or finta.” To reveal what the feigned voice is like, one only must listen to the popular music crooning voices of the day....
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Now is the Time to Invest in Your Singing, Guitar, and Songwriting
Now is the time to grow your skill set for Singers, Guitarists, and Songwriters. To wait for the economy to get back in full swing until you begin investing in yourself is always knocking on the door....
Parents Help Children Sing
Parents, How to Help Your Children Practice Singing
A PARENT CAN HELP THEIR CHILD PRACTICE SINGING BY JOINING IN ON THE FUN. If there is one constant that runs through the art of singing, it is the challenge of practicing. Practicing like exercising is...
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