The Best Musical MEMORY in the World

Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim

After one of our shows

at the Davenport Theatre, I met a married couple who shared careers as professional opera singers. In our conversation, I found out the gentleman went to the same conservatory, The New England Conservatory. We had lots to talk about, reminiscing about the voice instructors we knew and the new installation of Jordan Hall, the central piece to New England life in Boston. Jordan Hall has staged some of the world’s leading performance soloists in every voice and music classification. Today, it is a national historic landmark in the heart of Boston.

Am I writing this blog highlighting Jordan Hall

or The New England Conservatory? Contraire, we are now headed in a new direction. While speaking, he communicated how much he enjoyed my new musical, “A Christmas Carol.” What I am about to share is very personal but worth mentioning because it highlights many moments on opening weekend.

He raved about his love for the show, especially the scene between Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim performing the song “It’s You and Me.” He mentioned that there were so many layers to the song, bringing tears to his eyes as he watched a father doing all the things he yearned to do with his son, like playing ball and running together. In this scene, Bob Cratchit daydreams of what it would have been like if his boy was never sick. Yes, a very moving scene indeed.

What came next put the icing on the cake

and I shared something about the scene that was very personal and dear to my heart. I began sharing something very personal about that scene. You see, the scene for me is the reverse. When I wrote the scene, I was the one yearning for an opportunity to play ball with my father because I grew up a fatherless child. Upon stating those words to him, something happened. A tear ran down the right side of his cheek and was noticeable once it cleared the path of his eyeglass rim. We were touched beyond belief. He completely understood the power of that scene but now received a greater insight and appreciation of the writing behind it.

While bad things may happen to good people, a greater or equal seed of  beauty can emerge, leading to the soul’s redemption.

Gaining Victory

Yes, I know this one was a bit heavy, but how can we keep silent when we all have amazing stories to share that can uplift and encourage the next person to hang in there one more day, gaining victory with the ones they love?

Until the Next Time,

​Daniel is a highly sought-after industry professional in voice instruction, especially in the art of breathing. He is an accomplished vocalist, performer, composer, and People of Godspell Producer who produced and directed Esther the Musical. Daniel produced his musical rendition of “A Christmas Carol” and “Summer Rock.” He is the founder of Vocal Pro Studios.

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