Musicians! Dimon Warns of Economic Hurricane!

Jamie Dimon, chairman and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co., described the challenges facing the U.S. economy akin to an “hurricane” down the road and urged the Federal Reserve to take forceful measures to avoid tipping the world’s biggest economy into a recession.

Signs of Superstorm Sandy?

Dimon’s comments come a day after President Joe Biden met with Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell to discuss inflation, which is hovering at 40-year highs. 

“It’s a hurricane,” Dimon told a banking conference, adding that the current situation is unprecedented. “Right now, it’s kind of sunny, things are doing fine. Everyone thinks the Fed can handle this. That hurricane is right out there down the road coming our way. We just don’t know if it’s a minor one or Superstorm Sandy,” he added.

As a musician what are you going to do about it? What are you doing now to help you prepare for what may be coming?

The question is are you willing to gamble that something like what Mr. Dimon warns may not happen? Again, I ask, what are you going to do to take advantage of this time in your life to hunker down and build a plan for your future?

Continue doing what you are doing, and you will only get the same results. That is the definition of insanity. You want new results in your life then you must begin doing things differently. Remember, if this economic hurricane hits, all the cliques in the music world will only get harder and harder for talented musicians like yourself to break through. The inner circle of the music business gets a whole lot tighter making it nearly impossible for you the up and comer to break through, unless you are a family member or have a friend in high places.

It is no secret that too many individuals get opportunities based upon who they know superseding the average person’s connections.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, privilege goes for all colors and creeds in the world. No matter your race and color, if you know someone in high places, does this mean you are in a connection of privilege? What about the person who does not have those qualities of connections?

For many, that is reality, so again, what will you do with the time you have to hunker down and put in the foundational work that needs to be there to hold up the career you are desiring? No one is going to do it for you and if you don’t have any friends in high places, then you have more of a challenge on your hands. But mark my words, nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to put in the work.

Don’t let those in charge make decisions that end up crushing what you have been working so hard for and drain you of your resources. Now is the time to be the giant you see yourself as in your singing and guitar playing. Stop wasting time floundering and get to work. Together we can build a skill set that can’t be ignored and build a plan to cement your career as a professional singer guitarist business musicpreneur. Click HERE to learn more.

And remember, keep singing and playing guitar!

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