I Went From Rock To Opera In A Heartbeat!

I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, meaning I was not synonymous to wealth.

My mother came to America with the shirt on her back and I mean literally. This was the beginning to what would be a hard road, but thanks to music, one of the avenues that pulled me through. At the time, I was living in Long Island, New York where it all began. I was in my room one night and kept hearing this guy playing a guitar in the basement of my home. My mother is an amazing person, she sponsored Hispanics from other countries to help them become citizens of the United States, the American dream.

What am I talking about? In this video, I share where it all began with a few twists and turns.

I my story encourages you to continue pressing on. I have been blessed with many opportunities to learn and grow as a voice professional, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and composer over the years. If you would like to learn more about developing your skill set, check it out HERE.

In “My Story,” you will learn about how I composed hundreds of songs with my original band the Rebelaires and the Boys Next Door. Upon tour completion, I entered a music conservatory and talk about how I literally went from rock to opera in a heartbeat. My training included vocal pedagogy, which is the art and science of singing.

With 40+ years of vocal and guitar experience, my clients have appeared in the Greatest Showman,

Matilda National Broadway Tour, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Grammy Nominated Artists, Sam & Cat, Westside Broadway National Tour, Best Male Country Artist at CPMA’s Awards, Contemporary Christian Artists, Worship Teams, and clients in every major Performing Arts High School in New York City. In the constantly changing field of music, it is my mission to provide singers and guitarists with elite skills to accelerate their careers. Enjoy “My Story.”

I understand the demands placed upon the singer and
guitarist. Once I committed to the training, I learned everything I needed to
develop an awesome technique that went beyond my expectations. 

Remember, Keep Singing and Playing Guitar,


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