5 Best Teas for Singers

The best teas for singers to drink when their sinuses are clogged, have a dry throat,

or just want to keep their vocal cords moisturized, lubricated, and keep hydrated especially during the winter season.

Teas have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial contents. They are perfect for singers and best to drink your tea warm. It important for singer to not drink their tea hot or cold is it will not do justice to the voice. Most professional singers start their day with a cup of tea as it benefits the singing voice.

Best Singer’s Tea: Our Picks

Throat Coat Traditional Medicinals the best overall tasting tea that soothes the throat.

As a singer I drink this tea any time for the day or evening as I love the warm smooth licorice taste. The ingredient licorice is what coats the throat. I love this tea so much as I drink it even when my throat is feeling well; love that Throat Coat is so affordable at approx. $5.00 a box. Add some honey and just enjoy the soothing taste.

As a singer Throat Coat tea maintains the voice and the throat! This tea is great to drink during long recording studio sessions and gigs. 

Vocal Zone tea is a great choice as well.

I always knew about Vocal Zone lozenges but was not aware that they had this incredible tea. Vocal Zone Tea is caffeine free with a choice of three different flavors. They have the original Myrrh & Mint, Myrrh & Mint tea with Red Sage and Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Leaf Tea.

They are all delicious but personal favorite is Myrrh & Mint as it includes Liquorice Root and Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root and Fennel Seed. One of the most known health benefits of marshmallow root is that it helps in treating cold and coughs.

This Ginger tea is another great alternative for a singer’s throat. Happy Belly Ginger Herbal Tea Bags is under $4.00 and comes with 20 bags.

This tea is filled with Ginger, Peppermint, Chamomile, Fennel, and Cinnamon with zero caffeine. Ginger has warming properties; anti-inflammatory helps to soothe an irritated throat and boost your immune system when you’re sick and may get rid of throat irritation and improve your singing voice.  Ginger protects the voice from getting infections as well.

 This ginger tea with adding honey, and steam can help soothe inflamed throat tissues and loosen the mucus when phlegmy. Ginger contains anti-bacterial contents and also helps remove an infection, but it often needs to be used with an antibiotic. This is a great tea, but I would not recommend drinking it all the time only when your throat is not feeling 100%

Why Peppermint Tea? Good question! Peppermint tea is enjoyed by many singers because it helps clear the nasal passages and settle the stomach.

One of the main reasons why peppermint tea is beneficial for singers is that it helps to clear the sinuses. This is important because it allows the singer to breathe more easily and to keep their voice sounding clear. The singer is often seen sipping on peppermint tea to keep their voice in top condition. This tea has been shown to have numerous benefits for singers, such as helping to reduce inflammation and swelling, boosting the immune system, and helping to clear nasal passages. Additionally, peppermint tea has been shown to be helpful for relieving tension headaches and muscle aches.

Peppermint tea is a common drink for singers because it helps to clear the throat and freshen the breath. These peppermint leaves contain Vitamin A which is for eye and cell growth, Vitamin C to help boost the Immune system, Iron for Energy & blood circulation, Manganese for Body growth, Potassium and Vitamin which is an Antioxidant. Peppermint tea is easy and quick to make. Just boil 8 oz of water and let it sit for approximately 10 seconds, add 3 teaspoons of peppermint tea in a tea press or cup. When the water is finished sitting 10 seconds pour it into a mug and steep it for 5 minutes. Don’t forget to add honey and slice of lemon.

One of the main reasons why Bigelow chamomile tea is beneficial for singers is that it helps to clear the sinuses.

This is important because it allows the singer to breathe more easily. Chamomile tea has long been thought to help clear the singer’s voice and help them stay energetic during long performances. Drink Chamomile tea before singing to improve your voice. Chamomile tea is a powerful antioxidant that is thought to improve vocal health and promote a healthy singing voice. The singer that is anxious, nervous, or stressed before a this is the perfect tea to drink. Chamomile tea is the best tea for singers because it has many antioxidants that help protect the vocal cords and improve voice quality. Chamomile tea is a type of tea that comes from Sri Lanka. The tea is known for its high quality and has a variety of benefits. The tea has a sweet, mellow taste and is caffeine-free.

Chamomile tea is another herbal tea that can be beneficial for singers. Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to soothe the throat. It also has a calming effect which can help to ease stage fright or nerves before a performance, gig, or recording sessions. Chamomile tea is also thought to help boost the immune system, which is important for singers as they are often exposed to germs when performing. Make sure to store Chamomile tea in a cool, dark place to preserve its potency.

In conclusion, all of these teas are wonderful for the singer and will depend upon the circumstances of the day that will determine which sip of tea would be best.

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